Update Your Basement in Laramie, WY

Update Your Basement in Laramie, WY

Discover what you can do with the right basement remodel

Your basement doesn’t just have to be the place where you store holiday decorations. 11 Bravo Contracting helps you get the most use out of that additional space with basement remodel services. We’ll lay down carpet, install counters and add bathrooms.

Our design expertise gives us a leg up in basement remodeling. We know which posts and walls need to remain and which can be torn down. We also know how to get electricity and plumbing throughout your basement. We may even find uses for your basement you hadn’t considered before.

Turn your basement into a:

  • Second family room
  • Bar room
  • Man cave

Contact us today to plan your basement remodel in Laramie, WY.

Accomplish more by relying on basement remodeling services

Are you having guests over? Let them stay in a gorgeous guest bedroom in the basement, complete with a fully-furnished bathroom and a cozy seating area. Maybe you’re trying to find more space to do board games and watch movies. You can make your basement into a comfortable rec room by requesting basement remodeling services.

Let your basement reach its full potential. Most basements are built fast and aren’t made to appeal to the homeowner. Now, you can make sure your basement looks exactly the way you want it to.

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